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Do you know…?

Over 45% of the world’s websites run on WordPress, encompassing e-commerce, branding sites, and blogs.

Did you know? Over 50% [1] of global WP websites lack proper maintenance, posing malware security concerns, hampering performance,user experience, and potentially impacting SEO and conversion rates

Numerous self-hosted or outsourced sites bear the scars of multiple “inappropriate practices,” leaving their fundamental implementation compromised. Yet, due to opaque information or uncertainty, these issues are often overlooked, resulting in investments in underperforming projects.

*Source:WordPress Market Share: Usage Stats, Facts, & Research (2021) (

Your Trusted WordPress Website
Management Partner

Efficient Customization, Seamless User Experience, Exceptional Visitor Journey

Let Ke2B Studio tackle core issues, upholding your website’s envisioned excellence: “Efficient Customization, Seamless User Experience, Exceptional Visitor Journey.”

“Content Management, Focus on Core” becomes your sole reason to access the WP website backend, eliminating the need for any site maintenance or improvement concerns!

Ke2B Services

Web Design /
Rebuild / Dev

User experience and mobile optimization first! Prioritizing the standard of third-party professionalism. Breaking free from vendors who prioritize closure over quality.

360° WordPress

Fully integrated with WordPress Managed Cloud Hosting, eliminating the need for detours, mitigating risks, and minimizing time and opportunity costs.

WordPress Managed
Cloud Hosting

Fast websites ensure happier visitors, laying a solid foundation for user experience, SEO, and higher conversion rates.

Web Design / Rebuild / Dev

User experience and mobile optimization first! Prioritizing the standard of third-party professionalism. Break free from vendors solely focused on closing cases.

Mobile-first, Performance-driven

Embrace quality without sacrificing efficiency – reject the stack-and-pack approach!

Adv. Responsive Web Design

Customized UI/UX with Advanced RWD (Responsive Web Design), precisely targeting the mobile market while ensuring the desktop version.

SEO & Marketing Optimization

From domain registration to website creation and curated content, we optimize SEO and maximize online marketing impact.

Google Webpage Testing Guidelines

Adhering to guidelines for SEO, performance, and UX, as assessed by Google PSI/Lighthouse. Breaking free from vendors who prioritize closure over quality.

Conversion Rate and Remarketing

Enhance user engagement and conversion rates on your website by integrating live chat (e.g., Facebook) and developing customized forms.

E-commerce / Inquiry Websites

B2B / B2C E-Commerce websites with CTA, coupons, point rewards, bundled offers, and free shipping thresholds.

Portfolio / Blog Websites

Providing weekly/monthly website reports integrated with Google Analytics, helping you to make strategic adjustments.

Optimization / AMP

Get ahead on Google SERP! Maintains aesthetics and lightning-fast websites.

360° WordPress Maintenance

No more worries or fears – just simple and joyful experiences : )

Amazon S3 Daily Backups

Safe WordPress & Plugins Update

Intelligence Roll Back on Error

Sucuri Security & Vulnerability Check

360° Warranty / Support

Interactive Project Management Platform

Weekly Site Report (GA Integrated)

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Optimization Monitoring assessed by Google PSI/Lighthouse

Ke2B Proficiency

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