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Let Ke2B Studio tackle core issues, upholding your website's envisioned excellence: "Efficient Customization, Seamless User Experience, Exceptional Visitor Journey."

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Green Yang

Brand. Movie. Jazz. WordPress. Business.

Ke2B 刻刻網業 - 關於刻刻 - Green Yang ( WordCamp 照片)

As a website player,
Founder of Ke2B Studio.

  • Web Design / Rebuild / Development
  • 360° WordPress Maintenance
  • WordPress Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Mobile-first, Performance-driven
  • Customized UI/UX with Advanced RWD
  • Optimized Contents Upload Process for Site Owner
  • Website / Branding Biz Consultant
  • Specialized in Multi-regional / Multilingual Websites, E-Commerce / B2B Inquiry Websites, Blog / Portfolio Websites
  • Payment and Logistics Integration

As a community player,
Co-organizer of WordPress Taoyuan Meetup.

  • I’ve been actively involved in networking and sharing experiences in Taipei and Taoyuan since 2018. Starting in 2019, I organized the “WordPress Taoyuan Dinner/Linner Meetup” and managed the Meetup & KKTIX event platforms within the community.
  • Emphasizing passive learning, diverse exposure, and effective communication for flexibility. Engaging in club activities and business content planning during leisure prevents rigidity.
  • I find profound joy in non-profit relationships, traversing the shortest light-years, and touching the enchanting unknown of black holes and galaxies.

As a music/movie blogger,
Founder of Read Jazz Blog.



  • Kè kè , Ke ke, Ke2
  • Kè 2, Ke2, Kè2, Ke2


  • 2B, 2Be, 2Business.
  • To Be, To Business.


Crafting websites, and shaping businesses.

  • To be (2B) yours, to be (2B) good
  • Can (Ke) be anything.
  • Let’s Ke2B more than before!


Customer Endorsements

與刻刻網業合作,最重要的是真的如他們官網所說的 對於網站維護、安全跟備份都很全面。


Cathy Lin

— Kai Sheng Advertising Co., Ltd.

認識 Ke2B 刻刻網業的 Green 之前,我們歷經三家網站服務廠商合作,而 Green 是我們唯一信任並推薦的。

原因是:Green 的網站最佳化技術實踐。遇到問題時,Green 回應及處理的速度非常快,每項任務排程都有完整的記錄、說明與自動化通知服務,相當令人安心。

合作至今官網運作正常,我們期待新站委託刻刻網業 Green 親自操刀。

引言見證 - 小川職人推薦 Ke2 刻刻網業 (原表面功夫工作室) 的Green

Vincent Wang

— CEO of OgawaECO

They makes our website easy to maintain and update!
Ke2b 刻刻網業 provides state of the art services for our website. They have excellent insights into the latest developments and trends.

The support they give us is reliable, fast and makes our website easy to maintain and update. It makes our website look professional.
We are very happy to work together with Ke2b 刻刻網業!

引言見證 - Maarten de Haas, 2ADVANZ 董事總經理, VinozaTW 創辦人

Maarten de Haas

Your Trusted WordPress Website
Management Partner

Efficient Customization, Seamless User Experience, Exceptional Visitor Journey

Let Ke2B Studio tackle core issues, upholding your website’s envisioned excellence: “Efficient Customization, Seamless User Experience, Exceptional Visitor Journey.”

“Content Management, Focus on Core” becomes your sole reason to access the WP website backend, eliminating the need for any site maintenance or improvement concerns!

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